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    For some time now I have been working on building a family tree - a genealogy research project if you will. What started off as a labor of love, limited in scope to include only the immediate family members, has transformed into something very large. Today it contains well over 4000 members, but yet, just a fraction of its potential to grow. From a larger perspective, it is possible to build the tree (well, not one large tree but several) that could encompass most members of the community. Though ambitious, with collaborative participation, this is an achievable goal.

    The family tree database contains individual's name, birth date and place, if deceased, date and place, notable events in life, relationship with others etc. Best of all, there is a provision to include individual or family photos linked to the person(s).

    As important as the numbers are, the focus is on accuracy and authenticity of every element of information that goes into forming the database. The effort is to make this a reference implementation of the community genealogy. Information must be verifiable, where possible supported by documents. At least these would be our goals. Digitized copies of these supporting documents could go into the database.

    So why wait? Go and flip through the webpages. Trace your ancestors. Track your cousins. Enjoy the pleasure of viewing photographs that you never suspected existed.

    If this sounds a little hollow, well, it probably is. The claims may come true when the tree takes a firm root and is in full bloom.

    As a policy, to safeguard the privacy of the individuals, data of the living are limited to names only. In other words, birth dates are not published, although these are stored in the database.


    Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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    User Account Feature NOW Enabled. To view all the information, both "Dead" and "Living", Login with User Account is mandatory. Username/password "guest" is now disabled. However Registration is a continuing process and you can continue to Register any time.
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    The website gets a new look. The website has been redesigned with a new logo and several added features. Please surf and enjoy and send us your valuable comments. New features include ..

      • "Feature Articles" section
      • Google Maps showing events and places
      • Preview of media(photo) thumbnails
      • Album creation and photo slide show
      • Random Photo from the Gallery
      • Tickling Your Curiosity Buds ( (Or Photos of Interest)
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    Credits where Credits are due A number of dedicated people with strong commitment have contributed to bring the website to the shape that it is today. P.K.Venkatachalam has the honor of contributing the most information. No less important is the contribution from B.Krishnamoorthy..     >> more..

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    If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Feature Articles

    A new section named "Feature Articles" has been added. It is our intent to publish well researched and thought provoking articles/papers having significant bearing on the socio-economic fabric of the community. Besides their educational value, hopefully, this forum would provide a platform to present mentally stimulating and intellectually challenging ideas that would attempt to address our community ills and issues. The essays or articles may broadly fall under following categories...

    Rama Kshatriya History

    Art and Culture

    Customs and Folklore

    Literature and Biography


    Foundation for this work was laid some years back with Nalini Shiva Rao helping to trace the Agasarahole family roots. Much credit is due to her painstaking efforts. It was later expanded with the assistance of Kudlu Narasimha and Dr. Mohanchandra. Their contributions helped greatly to add depth and dimension to the tree. Connecting names with persons has never been my strong point. Over the years this is not getting any better. I must thank my wife, Nirupama for the immense help she provided in correcting names, relationships and everything else. The countless hours she spent literally burning the midnight oil made this venture what it is today. Sincere thanks to each of these individuals.

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