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How Can You Help?

How can you help?

We have made a small beginning in building and publishing this Rama Kshatriya Genealogy website. A dedicated few with strong commitment have contributed to its growth thus far. What started with 700 plus individuals in the database has today grown to well over 4000. We also have been able to collect and publish close to 700 photographs and documents, the earliest dating back to circa 1910 - some of them truly fascinating. We have had the pleasure of highlighting the achievements of a few of our community members (wish we could do more). We hope you have as much pleasure viewing these as we have in publishing. However, looking at the task ahead, our progress or the rate at which we are progressing falls far short of our stated goal - encompass the entire community worldwide within a realistic time frame. We need a much larger public participation. We need to build momentum.

Even a cursory look at the website shows a certain lack of substance or depth in the information already collected. Barring relationships, we hardly have information about individual's birth, education, marriage, occupation, achievements and death - essentials of any good genealogy site. Our aim is not only to make the site visually appealing, but lay a firm foundation for complete and authentic information that future generations would come to value and appreciate. Keep in mind the historical value of what we do or fail to do today.

Hence our appeal. Please, please go through the information pertaining to you, your family and friends. We are certain that there are many errors or possible inconsistencies; names wrongly spelled, last names missing, information about spouses/children/parents not in the database etc. Help us to address these shortcomings. Send details about birth, education etc. and fill in the voids.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Please send digital copies of old photos, including the defaced ones, lying in attics or hanging on the walls of your ancestors' homes. We'd love to have them. We'd love to put a face on every name.

Individually and collectively you can make a difference. Think about it.

Communicate with us via the "Suggest" tab that you notice on almost all webpages. Or send email to